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In-House Vendors

In-House Vendors


Agape Physical Therapy and Advantage Sports Performance

TSE is one of four locations for Agape Physical Therapy.  Agape has a proven track record in providing excellent service. The clinic is housed in the 12,500 square foot addition (annex) in the north end of the main building.

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Bill Bianchi

Why choose this school? With all the martial arts schools around today, you probably want to know what makes Everage World Championship Karate different. Our style stems from the Japanese form Goshin Jitsu. Goshin means "protection of the body" and Jitsu means "techniques". This style, combined with Sports Karate allows students to learn effective self-defense moves as well as enhance performance for competition.

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Power Train Sports

Power Train Sports Institute believes that in order to truly understand what an athlete needs, you must first be an athlete. Our performance team is made up of national and world-class athletes. Their commitment to sports and experience as athletes brings a positive approach to performance enhancement training. Power Train coaches utilize their experience as athletes and education as coaches to enhance the performance of each client. With respect as a coach and the acknowledgement as an athlete our program creates the optimal environment for success. Power Train Sports Institute is the players place to train and the athletes place to succeed.

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