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AGES: 8-10



Our Practice & Play Program (P3) is a great progression from our Micro Soccer Program or for those new to soccer at TSE.  For a portion of each class, participants will develop basic skills of the game through age appropriate activities and drills.  During the second part of each class, the kids get to put their skills to the test in the play portion!  Coach will provide some direction, but more importantly, let the kids learn and have fun while playing in small sided game-play!  The program will be sure to raise your child's soccer skill level in a fun yet challenging atmosphere, no matter their previous soccer experience.

shin guards, comfortable athletic apparel and footwear (sneakers, turf shoes or cleats)

Monday (Gates 7pm - Outdoor): dates: 11/7 - 12/12
Monday (East Rochester 6pm): dates: 11/7 - 12/12
  Wednesday (Gates 7pm - Outdoor): dates: 11/9 - 12/14
  Thursday (East Rochester 7pm): dates: 11/3 - 12/15

Monday (Gates 7pm): dates: 1/9 - 2/13
Monday (East Rochester 6pm): dates: 1/9 - 2/13
  Wednesday (Gates 6pm): dates: 1/11 - 2/15
  Wednesday (Gates 7pm): dates: 1/11 - 2/15
  Thursday (East Rochester 7pm): dates: 1/12 - 2/16
Monday (Gates 7pm): dates:
Monday (East Rochester 6pm): dates:
  Wednesday (Gates 6pm): dates:
  Wednesday (Gates 7pm): dates:
  Thursday (East Rochester 7pm): dates:

Sessions are offered year-around.  Future dates will be posted here once they are released.

COST: $90 / 6 week session

OTHER DETAILS: Shin guards are required.  Add them to your cart for $7 when registering online and pick them up at your first class.
  Program is available at both locations.  See schedule info above.

Have questions? 458.4263 (Gates) | 203.0367 (ER)  |  e-mail:


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