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Adapted Program

Boys and Girls Ages 5+




Program Description:

Our Adapted programs allow children with special needs to have a safe and encouraging environment to help them develop their motor skills.  All children interested in sports and physical activity regardless of ability level are welcome.  The program strives to improve physical activity and sport skills and also provides a social environment where children and parents can interact while involved with classes and learn new ways to play and interact with their children. Skills will be taught through fun interactive games including parents and peers.

Our programs are a collaboration between TSE and Sportsnet.  TSE is a proud supporter and advocate of their services.

For more information, contact Michael Cocquyt, Sportsnet Supervisor, at (585) 334-6000 x1120,

What to Bring:

  • Comfortable athletic apparel
  • Sneakers
  • A BIG Smile

Adapted TSE P.E.

This is our mulit-sport program.  The program will focus on a different movement pattern or "sport skill" each week (throwing, rolling, kicking, etc.).  These skills will be taught through fun interactive games involving parents and peers.

Program Schedule:

No classes offered at this time. Contact Michael Cocquyt, Sportsnet Supervisor, at (585) 334-6000 x1120, for more programing. 

To Register:

Registration for this program is through:

Click "Events Calendar" then find the program listed on Mondays for more information.


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